Video Archive

Animal Basics Videos

Miniature Cattle, 12/2011

Trimming Goat Hooves, 10/2012
Grazing Goats, 6/2012
Starting Goats on an Acreage, 5/2012

Fly Control on Horses, 7/2011

Ten Chickens for Nebraska, 3/2011
Keeping Urban Chickens, 8/2012

Livestock Basics
Prepare Animals for Winter, 11/2010
Fencing, 12/2012

Manure Management Webinar

Pasture Management
Pasture Management, 5/2011


Butterfly Gardening Videos

Butterfly Gardening Tips, 6/2012
Butterflies of Nebraska- Part I, 6/2010
Butterflies of Nebraska- Part II, 7/2010

Plant Selection
Ten Plants to Attract Butterflies, 6/2010

Equipment Videos

Winterize Your Lawnmower, 10/2011
Cleaning Your Garden Tools, 9/2012

Chainsaw Safety, 8/2012
Small Tree Removal, 8/2012

Spring Mower Prep, 4/2013

Repurpose, Recycle, Reuse, 6/2012
Garden Recycling , 5/2010

Calibrating Sprayers, 6/2010
Wand Applicator, 8/2013

Attachments for Compact Tractors
, 11/2012
Beginner's Tips For Buying Garden Tools, Garden Steps with John Fech 4/2009
Pruning Tools for Beginners, Garden Steps with John Fech 4/2009

Food & Nutrition Videos

Food Preservation
Food Preservation, 8/2010
Testing Your Pressure Canner, 7/2010
Vegetable Storage, 11/2011

Hunting Morels, 5/2013

Choose My Plate, 6/2011

Ten Tantalizing Tomato Uses, 9/2010
Roasting Pumpkin Seeds , 10/2009
Ten Winter Soups, 12/2010
Ten Ideas for Pumpkins, 11/2011
Spring Garden Produce, 6/2013

Safe Food
Safe and Nutritious Lunch Bags, 7/2011

Fruit & Vegetable Videos

Edible Landscapes
Creating an Edible Landscape, 4/2012
Keeping Urban Chickens, 8/2012

Fall Gardening
Calculating Fall Planting Dates, 8/2013
Fall Crop Followup, Garden Steps with John Fech 8/2009
Fall Gardening, Garden Steps with John Fech 8/2009
Prepping Your Garden for Fall, 8/2011

Fruit Diseases
Apple Disease Solutions, 4/2009

Tips for Harvest, Garden Steps with John Fech 8/2009

Local Foods
Come Visit Kimmel Orchard & Vineyard in Nebraska City, NE, 9/2012
Omaha's Farmers Markets, 6/2013

Hunting Morels, 5/2013

Raised Beds
Backyard Raised Beds, 8/2011
Raised Beds for Vegetable Gardening, 6/2010

Small Fruits
Blueberries, 7/2013
Grape Varieties, 8/2007
Grapevine Management, 2/2012
Growing Strawberries, 6/2011

Tree Fruits
Aronia, 9/2009
Fruit Trees for Nebraska, 9/2013
Good Fruit Tree Selection, 6/2009
Unusual Fruits- Persimmon, Pawpaw, Corneliancherry Dogwood, Dolgo Crabapple, 9/2008
Understanding & Managing Drought Effects on Fruit Trees, 9/2012

Asparagus, 4/2013
Cold Protection for Garden Vegetable Plants , 4/2010
Garden Recycling , 5/2010
Growing Sweet Corn in the Home Garden, 6/2012
Harvesting & Storing Pumpkins, 8/2012
Planning Your Vegetable Garden, 3/2011
Tips on High Tunnels, 6/2012
Unusual Vegetables in International Student Gardens, 8/2013
Why Use Grafted Tomatoes & Peppers?, 4/2013

Vegetable Problems
Blossom End Rot, 7/2012
Green & Growing Tip- Nitrogen Deficiency, 6/2013
Special Tomato Problems, 7/2008
Common Vegetable Diseases, 7/2009

Irrigation Videos

Assessing Parched Landscape Needs, 7/2012
Watering Drought Stressed Trees & Shrubs, 7/2012
Water Wise Garden
, 8/2007

Irrigation Equipment
Drip Irrigation, 4/2013
Home Irrigation Checkup, 4/2008
Irrigation Tune-Up, 6/2010
Yard and Garden Irrigation Equipment Basics,
Garden Steps with John Fech 5/2009

Rain Water Harvesting
Rain Barrels, 5/2011

Landscaping Videos

Green Roof
Campus Green Roof Project, 6/2011
Green Roof Demonstration Project, 5/2013
Prairie Green Roof, 6/2012

Acreage Landscape Design, 8/2011
Concerns With New Landscapes, 9/2011
Gardening in Small Spaces, 8/2009
Gardening on Slopes, 9/2007
Landscape Color Considerations, 6/2011
Site Assessment Part I- New Home,
Garden Steps with John Fech 9/2009

Site Assessment Part II- Older Landscape,
Garden Steps with John Fech 9/2009

Late Spring Bloomer for Early Color, 5/2011
Restoration Landscape, 8/2008
Shade Gardening Challenges, 8/2010

Native/Prairie Landscapes
Native Landscapes, 7/2008
Natural Landscape, 6/2008
Prairie Grass, 9/2009


Nebraska Landscapes
A Tour of Lauritzen Gardens, 8/2009
Alliance Gardens, 8/2007
Bluebird Nursery, 5/2011
Children's Garden at Lauritzen, 8/2009
Henry Doorly Zoo's Garden of the Senses, 8/2011
HOPE Garden, 8/2009
Maxwell Arboretum, 7/2010
Nebraska Governor's Residence, 8/2007
Sandoz Memorial Garden, 8/2007
Shade Garden at Lauritzen, 8/2009
Spring Creek Prairie, 9/2009
Spring Creek Prairie- 2001, 9/2011

Ponds & Water Plants
Crystal Clear Pond, 8/2013
Keim Hall Pond Update, 8/2012
Plants for Pond, 6/2010

Rain Gardens
Plant Selection for Rain Gardens, 5/2009
Rain Gardens, 7/2007
Rain Gardens, 5/2011
Rain Gardens, Bioswales and Pervious Pavement, 5/2012

Raised Beds & Retaining Walls
Constructing a Raised Bed, 5/2011
Raised Beds for Vegetable Gardening, 6/2010
Retaining Wall, 6/2010

Rock Garden
Creating a Rock Garden, 7/2011

Winter Landscape
Ten Plants for Winter Interest, 2/2011

Plant Disease Videos

Brown Patch, 7/2013
Brown Patch in Turf, 7/2009
Managing Snow Mold, 4/2010

Apple Disease Solutions, 4/2009
Cedar-Apple Rust Management, 5/2013
Pine Tip Blights, 4/2009
Pine Wilt Disease, 6/2008
Pine Wilt: From Disease to Art, 6/2012
Spruce Diseases, 7/2012
What's Wrong with Tree?, 10/2013

Nuisance Fungi, 7/2010

Aster Yellows, 6/2011
Common Rose Diseases, 6/2010

Common Tomato Diseases, 7/2010
Common Vegetable Diseases, 7/2009

Tree & Shrub Selection Videos

Drought Tolerant Trees & Shrubs
2013 Tree & Shrub Replacement, 5/2013
Drought Survivors: Shrubs, 8/2012
Old Fashioned Shrubs- Survivors and Pruning, 5/2013

Evergreen Trees
Evergreen Selection, 2/2012
Dwarf Evergreens, 5/2010
Good Evergreens for the Midwest, 5/2011

Fruit Tree
Good Fruit Tree Selection, 6/2009
Unusual Fruits- Persimmon, Pawpaw, Corneliancherry Dogwood, Dolgo Crabapple, 9/2008
Crabapples, 4/2010

ReTree Nebraska
ReTree Nebraska: Eight for 2008, 4/2008
ReTree Nebraska: Eleven for 2011, 8/2011

Diverse Evergreens for Windbreaks, 7/2012
Tree & Shrub Buying Keys, 4/2008
Tree Buying Tips, 5/2012
Shade Trees in the Landscape, Garden Steps with John Fech 6/2009
Placement of Ornamental Trees in the Landscape, Garden Steps with John Fech 6/2009
Plants for Fall Color, 9/2011

Picking and Pruning Hydrangeas, 4/2010
Shrub Roses, 8/2008
Shrubs for the Home Landscape, 8/2008
Spring Flowering Shrubs & Trees: Lilacs, Koreanspice viburnum, red flowering horsechestnut, northen lights azaleas & mountain silverbell, 5/2008
Ten Shrubs for Nebraska, 4/2010

Oak Trees, 6/2013
Planting Under Trees, 4/2013
ReTree NE 13 for 2013, 9/2013
Spring Blooming Trees, 5/2012
Trees for Western Nebraska: Ponderosa, limber, pinyon and bristlecone pines; rocky mountain juniper, 8/2010
Unusual Tree Forms, Sizes & Coloration: 'Jade Butterfly' gingko, 'Rainbow Pillar' serviceberry, 'Red Majestic' walkingstick, variegated Japanese pagoda dogwood, 'Cascade Falls' baldcypresss, 5/2010
Uniques Aspects of Beautiful Trees: Flowers, shape, color, bark, 4/2008

Winter Landscape
Ten Plants for Winter Interest, 1/2011


Tree & Shrub Management Videos

Damage Management
Evergreen Winter Kill, 4/2013
The Myth of Home Remedies, Garden Steps with John Fech 6/2009
Saving Hail Damaged Plants, 6/2009
Saving Hail Damaged Trees, 7/2009

Fall Care
Fall Clean Up, 9/2009

Tree & Shrub Fertilizing, Garden Steps with John Fech 5/2009

Care for Flooded Trees, 9/2011
Effects of Landscape Flooding, 7/2011
Flood Update-2012, 6/2012
Tree Survivors Following Flood, 9/2012

Bagworm Control, 5/2010

Fall Tree Planting9/2007
Planting Bareroot Trees, 4/2011
Planting Trees & Shrubs, 4/2013
Bareroot Planting at Dublin Nursery, 4/2007
Stem-girdling Roots 4/2013
Tree Planting: Container or Grow Bag?, 4/2010
Tree Planting Tips 4/2007
Tree Production in Grow Bags at Great Plains Nursery, 9/2009

Inorganic Mulch, Garden Steps with John Fech 7/2009
Mulch Problems Solved, Garden Steps with John Fech 7/2009
Ten Mulches, 6/2011
The Benefits of Mulching, Garden Steps with John Fech 7/2009

Tree Inspection
Inspecting Your Home Trees, Garden Steps with John Fech 6/2009
Tree Hazards, 12/2011

Green & Growing Tip: Watering Trees, 7/2013
Fall Tree Watering, 8/2013

Young Tree Care
Spring Care for Young Trees, 4/2009
Young Tree Care, 6/2007

Wastewater Videos

Graywater Reuse, 5/2012

Septic Systems
Maintaining your Residential Wastewater Lagoon, 8/2011
Septic Tank Pumping, 10/2010
Tips on Toilet Paper, 12/2010

Weed ID & Control Videos

Controlling Fall Weeds, 10/2010
Controlling Nutsedge, 6/2011
Dandelions, 5/2013
Fall Weed Control, 9/2013
Invasive Weeds, 6/2012
Understanding Product Labels, 4/2011

Calibrating Sprayers, 6/2010

Common Turf Weeds- Dandelions, Henbit, Common Chickweed, 5/2013
Common Vine Weeds, 8/2008
Poison Ivy, 4/2013
Poisonous Weeds, 7/2012

Noxious Weeds
Japanese Knotweed, 5/2011
Invasive Weeds, 5/2012

Pre-emergent Herbicides
2013 Spring Pre-emergent Applications, 5/2013
Timing Your Spring Preemergent Application, 5/2008

Vining Weeds
Common Vine Weeds, 9/2010


Youth Videos

Nebraska County Fairs 8/2012

Ten 4H Youth Projects 10/2010