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Animal of the Month Archive

Barn Swallow 7/2010
Bluebird, 4/2013
Blue Jay  7/2012
Blue-wing Teal, 9/2013
Cardinal, 1/2013
Cedar Waxwing, 2/2013
Grasshopper Sparrow, 10/2013
Hummingbird, 8/2013
Junco, 12/2012
Mourning Dove, 6/2013
Snowy Owl 2/2012
Turkey Vultures, 11/2012
Wild Turkey, 5/2013
Woodpecker 9/2011

Other Mammals
Bats 9/2010
Opossum 6/2012
Porpupine, 7/2013
Red Fox, 11/2013
Weasels, 10/2012
White-tailed Deer 11/2010


Cottontail Rabbit 3/2011

Reptiles & Amphibians
Bull Snakes 6/2011
Bullfrogs 5/2012
Chorus Frog, 3/2013
Garter Snakes 5/2011
Snapping Turtle 4/2012
Woodhouse's Toad 8/2012

Fox Squirrel 4/2011
Cleaning Up After Rodents
Shrew, 9/2012
Tree Squirrel 10/2011
Woodchuck or Groundhog 6/2010


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Reptiles & Amphibians of Nebraska

Want to learn more about Nebraska's native snakes, frogs or turtles? Visit the Reptiles and Amphibians of Nebraska web site for pictures, natural habitat, size, diet, natural history and maps of native range. Learn about the reptiles that live in your area simply by clicking on your county and viewing the list of snakes, turtles or frogs.

Or test your knowledge by clicking on the "Games" tab. See how many reptiles you can identify!