Life Outside the City Limits

November 2015

Prepping the Chicken Coop for Winter- Backyard chickens can adapt to winter conditions as long as certain measures are taken to keep them safe and happy. University of Illinois Extension

Transforming Leaves from Trash to Treasure - Each fall, nature rewards us with a bounty of leaves. Wondering what to do with all those leaves? Turn the trash into treasure by adding them to your garden, spreading them as mulch, or by making a compost pile. K-State Research and Extension

Harvesting and Storing Firewood- Graham Herbst, Nebraska Forest Service, tells how to cut firewood safely with proper equipment.

Monthly Features

Wildlife Encounters and Conflicts: A Nebraska Guide to Finding Assistance

Nebraskans suffering wildlife damage or happening upon injured wildlife can find help from several public and private organizations. This NebGuide describes the most direct route to obtain information, equipment, permits and hands-on assistance.

Nebraska Extension.

Drought Resources

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension has created a new website that offers resources for those dealing with drought.

Drought Resources graphic droughtresources.unl.edu