Life Outside the City Limits

October 2015

Spiders - Jim Kalisch, Nebraska Extension Entomologist, describes some spiders common to Nebraska.

Poison Ivy - John Wilson, Nebraska Extension Educator, discusses how to identify poison ivy and methods of control. Fall is a great time to spot poison ivy as the leaves turn a beautiful orange- red.

Musk Thistle Identification and Control - Brent Meyer, Lancaster Weed Control Superitendant, explains why musk thistle has been designated a noxious weed in Nebraska, how to identify it and how to control. Fall is a great time for musk thistle control when new young plants are small and in the rosette stage.

Monthly Features

Storage Guidelines for Fruits & Vegetables

When harvesting your own produce for storage, or buying it locally in season, there are certain guidelines to follow which assure maximum quality and minimum spoilage of your stored food.

Cornell University Extension.

Drought Resources

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension has created a new website that offers resources for those dealing with drought.

Drought Resources graphic droughtresources.unl.edu