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Fall is a wonderful time of year in Nebraska, with beautiful colors in the trees and great weather.  But as nights get colder, watch out for mice and nuisance insects like boxelder bugs coming indoors.  

Designing a Backyard Chicken Coop - Learn about the many considerations when designing a chicken coop. University of Illinois Extension

Dealing with Boxelder Bugs - As fall turns into summer it will seem that our homes are being besieged by boxelder bugs looking for a warm place for the winter. Watch this video to learn a little bit about this insect as well as some cheap, effective control methods. Jonathan Larson, UNL Extension Entomology Educator

Understanding Why Fall Weed Control is More Effective - Controlling broadleaf weeds in lawns can seem like an annual chore. However, with a little patience, broadleaf herbicide can provide very effective control. While most homeowners are anxious to apply broadleaf herbicide in the spring, the most effective time is actually in the fall. In this video, Dr. Ron Calhoun explains the merits of waiting until it's chilly to say goodbye to your weeds.

Growing Garlic - Growing garlic is a year-round process North Dakota State University Extension Horticulture Agent Todd Weinmann explains all of the steps. For more gardening information

Monthly Features

4-H Foundation Trail Ride,  
October 10-12, 2014

Support the State 4-H Camp in Halsey, while you enjoy a guided trail ride in Nebraska's scenic Sandhills!  All proceeds from the 4-H Trail Ride will support the State 4-H Camp in Halsey, which is celebrating 50 years. Enjoy delicious meals, family activities, and great entertainment.

Anyone can sign up for the Saturday festivities (steak supper, live music, dancing, and the live/silect auctions).  Kids' meal (12 years and younger) can receive half a steak.  Discounted rate for 4-H clubs (more than 5 members!) Cabins are available at the 4-H Camp, as well as campground spaces with water and electric hookups.  Prefer a hotel room- there are local hotels near the trail ride.  Certified weed free hay and pens are available for the horses. For more information, contact Connie Cox at the State 4-H Camp in Halsey at 308.533.2224 or

Event agenda and registration form.  

Drought Resources

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension has created a new website that offers resources for those dealing with drought.

Drought Resources graphic