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August 2015

Musk Thistle Control - Brent Meyer, Lancaster, Nebraska County Weed Superintendent explains the importance and methods of controlling musk thistle. Fall is the best time for control of new plants, so get ready to take on the thistles on your property next month. For more information, refer to Noxious Weeds of Nebraska - Musk Thistle

Tomato Diseases - Nebraska Extension Educator Amy Timmerman shows us a few common tomato diseases, such as early blight, septoria leaf blight, bacterial spot and speck, and talks about strategies for management.

Tomato Problems - Nebraska Extension Educator Sarah Browning shows us different problems that can arise when growing tomatoes and helps us avoid them, including blossom end rot, pollination problems and fruit cracking. 

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Upcoming Events

The Nebraska SARE Program is again sponsoring a series of webinars in the coming months that address issues of sustainability and sustainable agriculture.  Please join us for the first program in the series on Wednesday, August 5th at 10:00 a.m. with Natalia Bjorklund, Extension Educator in Dodge County.   It will be recorded if you are unable to participate.

Drought Resources

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension has created a new website that offers resources for those dealing with drought.

Drought Resources graphic