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Winter brings with it the holiday season, with many opportunities for celebrations.  Make sure food safety issues don't put a damper on your gatherings.  Winter is also a great time to prepare for next year's growing season, or work on indoor projects.  One fun indoor project for gardeners is learning how to grow your own mushrooms.  And if you're considering buying your first acreage tractor next year, but don't have any experience with small tractors, take a few moments to learn about how to operate a tractor from Everything Attachments.

Holiday Food Safety - Family dinners and other holiday gatherings where food is served are all part of the holiday season. But gaiety can turn to misery if food makes you or someone else ill. Learn practical food safety tips on preparing holiday feasts safely with this video.

Growing Your Own Mushrooms - Nebraska Extension Plant Diagnostician Amy Timmerman shows us how you can grow your own edible mushrooms with home kits.

How to Operate a Tractor - Tractors are powerful machines that can be intimidating to novice users, Ted Corriher is owner of Everything Attachments and has been a tractor operator most of his life.  He demonstrates the basics on how to get started driving a tractor. Video by

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2015 Master Gardener Training Begins in January

The Nebraska Master Gardener program is a horticulture related volunteer training program based in many counties throughout the state. It has been part of UNL Extension since 1976. Master Gardener volunteers are trained by UNL Extension faculty and staff. They contribute time as volunteers working through their local Extension office to provide horticulture-related information to their community. More specifically, they provide education about sustainable horticultural practices.

Master Gardener training sessions are held at county offices throughout the state. Classes begin in February or March, depending on the location. A minimum of 40 hours of educational training is provided. Most locations conduct training during daytime hours, but some offer evening classes.

For more information, or to complete an on-line application, visit

Drought Resources

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension has created a new website that offers resources for those dealing with drought.

Drought Resources graphic